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Review Rampage (2018) 9/10 - Action packed, big, loud, and a lot of fun.

Video game adaptations into films have been ongoing with a curse from missing a specific target audience. Resident Evil's are not great films but have been entertaining with its action. The new Tomb Raider reboot was surprisingly good but could have been more. And there are other lacklusters like Prince of Persia, Doom, Silent Hill, ect. A movie about three giant monsters of a crocodile, gorilla, and a grey wolf causing a mass destruction in a city. Yes, that is what the arcade games are about and that is exactly what you can expect in this Rampage film. At least, it is one hell of a wild ride of fun. So don't expect any award winning script with great dialogue, a long developing story, or logic with characters choices in the movie. If you leave all the critical thinking out before watching the film, you will find the film to be what it is. And it does its job, which is entertaining and being a lot of fun.

The plot follows after a science experiment gone wrong in space leavin…

Review Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 10/10

This movie will blow your mind and break your heart - and make you desperate to go back for more. Brave, brilliant and better than it has any right to be.

Over the past decade, Marvel has earned itself the benefit of the doubt. The studio has consistently delivered smart, funny, brave films that both embrace and transcend their comic-book origins. The 18 blockbuster movies produced since Iron Man first blasted off into the stratosphere in 2008 have not only reinvented superhero films as a genre - they've helped to legitimise it. Indeed, Marvel's two most recent films - Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther - have received the kind of accolades usually reserved for edgy arthouse flicks.

And yet, it's perfectly reasonable to be apprehensive about Avengers: Infinity War. This is a blockbuster film that's been ten years in the making, its plot hinted at and scattered throughout 18 other movies. It features 30 or so characters, each with their own complex backstories and motivati…

Review Book Club (2018) 7/10

Oddly enough I was pretty hyped for Book Club. Seeing some of the great actresses of decades ago working together for a romantic comedy? I was in. Especially since I think Mary Steenburgen is super HOT. She is aging so gracefully, and I'm ready to argue with anyone who disagrees. Anyways I thought the film was as expected. its sweet has characters to like, and can be enjoyed by younger and older crowds alike.

The film is about for women in a book club and how their romantic lives become influenced by the books they read. They decide to read Fifty Shades of Grey and they try to incorporate what they read in the book to their romantic lives. Of course, there are bumps in the road for each of the four ladies' relationships and they need to collaborate and explore how they can make things work. Apart from Super hot Mary, the film also stars Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Candice Bergen.

The reading of the Fifty Shades series or even having the book club isn't completely necessar…

Review Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool 2 delivers the Hilarity, Vulgarity and Action-Packed Fun That I Wanted

I was able to see Deadpool 2 at an advance screening. Deadpool shook things up and delivered offbeat fun when diehard fans were looking for something new from the genre. I thought it was a surprisingly well-rounded movie that perfectly encapsulated its hero and lovingly poked fun at both itself and other genre tropes. It was among my favourite movies of 2016. When it comes to bringing the laughs, I think Deadpool 2 is just as funny as the original entry. There's even more meta jokes, the same gleefully dirty spirit carries over and some unexpected payoffs left me cackling. They build upon some of the previous memorable bits (I admire Ryan for being so willing to relentlessly skewer his filmography) without it going stale. Luckily, they didn't ruin the movie by putting all the funny bits in the trailer and there's plenty to enjoy. They weren't afraid to push the envelope with the humour and …