Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Download for free movie Year One (2009) dvdrip

Download new movie Year One (2009)

Jack Black, Michael Cera, Oliver Platt, David Cross, Hank Azaria

Harold Ramis

Release Date:
June 19th, 2009


Movie description:
Zed, a prehistoric would-be hunter, eats from a tree of forbidden fruit and is banished from his tribe, accompanied by Oh, a shy gatherer. On their travels, they meet Cain and Abel on a fateful day, stop Abraham from killing Isaac, become slaves, and reach the city of Sodom where their tribe is now enslaved. Zed and Oh are determined to rescue the women they love, Maya and Eema. Standing in their way is Sodom's high priest and the omnipresent Cain. Zed tries to form an alliance with Princess Innana, which may backfire. Can an inept hunter and a smart but slender and diffident gatherer become heroes and make a difference?

Trailer for movie  Year One (2009)

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