Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Movie Trailer - Night Before the Wedding (2009)

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Night Before the Wedding (2009)

Gregor Collins, Christopher Guckenberger, Karen Worden, John Keating

David Branin

Release Date:

Comedy | Drama

On the night before his wedding, William Shay, a genial guy straight out of an episode of "Leave it to Beaver", has planned an intimate dinner with his parents. But one of his closest friends, Bronco - a bitter but loyal guy - has very different plans - a surprise bachelor party with all their best buddies that he's convinced is the right thing to do for the soon-to-be-husband. When Will walks in, everyone stops the festivities to welcome the man of the night. During silly speeches and old basketball stories, Will realizes how happy he is to be in the midst of all his best friends. But with Bronco still refusing to reveal his big plan, causing unnecessary tension in the room, and the rest of the gang getting drunker and rowdier, Will gets scared and threatens to leave. Bronco does some serious convincing, and before you know it, Will is unwittingly seduced into a night of partying. Bronco's plan is soon revealed: he has arranged for two real life porn stars to spice up the party, and Will soon finds himself alone with one of them-Melissa Mercury. What happens next is something no one expected, even Will.

Trailer - Night Before the Wedding

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