Friday, April 18, 2008

Full Movie - Saw IV 2007

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Saw IV 2007

Cast: Scott Patterson, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Costas Mandylor
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead. Upon the news of Detective Kerry's murder, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm and Agent Perez, arrive at the depleted police precinct and help veteran Detective Hoffman sift through Jigsaw's latest grizzly game of victims and piece together the puzzle. However, when SWAT Commander Rigg, the last officer untouched by Jigsaw, is suddenly abducted and thrust into the madman's harrowing game, the officer has but ninety minutes to overcome a series of interconnected traps...or face the deadly consequences.

Full Movie - Saw 4
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Crime / Horror / Thriller

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Saw 4

Saw 4

Saw 4

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