Friday, March 14, 2008

Trailer - Deal 2008

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Deal 2008

Cast: Burt Reynolds, Bret Harrison, Shannon Elizabeth
Director: Gil Cates Jr
Release Date: April 25th, 2008

Alex Stillman is a cocky, hotshot, card-playing senior at Yale University. Alex dreams of becoming a professional Texas Hold'em poker player but does not yet have the skill to master the table. Fortunately for him, a chance encounter introduces Alex to retired poker legend, Tommy Vinson. Tommy was at the top of his game twenty years ago but gave it all up in order to save his family. Upon meeting Alex, Tommy realizes he can regain his own self-confidence, pride and a poker championship title by turning Alex into his protege. The two pair up and master every tournament they enter. The winning streak and friendship between the two is eventually thwarted by the interference of a Las Vegas call girl, Michelle. The pair eventually part ways and separately prepare for the World Poker Tour. Only one will take home the championship title.

Trailer - Deal

Comedy / Drama

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